Monday, March 20, 2006


[picture a phone right here -- Blogger is experiencing some upload difficulties]

Bre Pettis alerted me to this really cool service after the Podcasting 2.0 panel. It's a service that emails you voicemail and faxes to your email account. I just left myself a message and in moments received an alert that a new message had arrived. The only thing I don't like is that it's a Seattle area code. But for only $2 a month, I can get an 800 number that does the same thing.

I'm gonna find ways to use this. If you're bored, call and leave me a message. Or just call and vent about something that has nothing to do with me.


Butternut said...


Everyone please send Laura a Budweiser style "Wazzzzaaaaup!".

[insert beer here, not Bud though, blech]

Jake : 2517 "the path of the righteous man" said...

yeah i left a message
on the number, me and 4 million of people i assume, my name is jake

i guess i'll leave in the way that i great and say peace, keep ur mind stay discrete

afslip said...

I left 2 messages actually the first one I dont know if you got it, damn celluar messed up on me, but Im the one that said your great and all, but i left a message.