Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My Online Interview with Lockergnome/Matt Hartley

Is now up if anyone wants to check it out. Matt Hartley shot me a slew of questions and I answered them and shot 'em back to him and now they are online for the world to see.

He asked me to link to the article from this blog so that folks know it's "legit." That's a good call. I can't tell you how many unauthorized, bogus interviews there are with me floating around cyberspace--unscrupulous webmasters using my good name to drive traffic to their sites. It's unconscionable.

So if you want to read about the time I killed someone in *'Nam, click on the link. I also send him some naked pics of myself to do with what he will. I'm not sure if he posted them or not, but it's worth taking a look. In addition, I give the names and social security numbers of guys who have screwed me over. If anyone's into identity theft, you should seriously consider them.

All right. Go check it out. Or not. It's really up to you.

*Vespas can be extremely dangerous if not operated correctly.


Healer2K said...

Hey there Laura! Its always fun to see interviews with "The Swish"! And I was glad to see our Yahoo Group mentioned in the interview. It was there that I found out about the interview. I'm glad there's a place where we can track you down and get the occassional Swisher-fix. ;)

I do get to see your pics on TA now and then. But nothing beats a blog. Well... Maybe a moblog. That way you get to see the person's face as well as their thoughts. Anyway... Take care, and good luck tracking down that eyebrow threader. :D

p.s. - Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Glad you posted the link the funny-as-expected interview.

But don’t even joke about “if feeling stupid is a turn-on” ‘cause we ain’t falllin’ for it!

afslip said...

You lied about nudity pics, i Checked and there was nothing, but i still read the article. Great read though, but no nudity pics, you should do a spread for FHM OR MAXIM, that would be awesome. Ill buy several copies of that issue.

Havoc The Mad Assassin said...

That was a good and funny read. By way, the mentioned episode of premium blend came on minutes after I read it. You should have a Comedy Central Presents special, it would set a new standard for ex-cohost comedy specials as we know them.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Mr. Fitz said...

hey afslip, cmon...

Some quick nudie pics just to make a fast buck and maybe eat a decent meal? That's not our Laura.

Exposing a fair amount of flesh just to pay the rent and losing what little credibility she has left. She'd rather starve AND not have a career than pose in a tiny bikini in FHM.

You stick to your (rather ample) guns girl. We're with you

The gang at the homeless shelter