Friday, December 03, 2004

Free Time

What is one supposed to do when she suddenly finds herself with ample free time? Publish a blog, of course. So here I am. Blogging.

It's Friday afternoon and I'm sitting at my computer ignoring the "To Do" lists taped to my monitor. There are many items that have yet to be crossed out, like Write Bio, Deal w/ Website, Fix Bathroom Faucet and Join Acting Class. Happily, I have crossed out Lunch w/ Cecily and Take Car to the Shop.

I shouldn't actually be here right now. A good friend of mine is in town from New York and I was going to get together with her today but, appparently, she has to help out a friend of hers who's getting married this weekend. Whatever. Just because I'm not a bride-to-be doesn't mean I shouldn't be her number one priority. I told her my assistant would follow up with her to reschedule.

So I'm on week two of unemployment. Surprisingly, there are a lot of things to do when you're recently unemployed. There's paperwork, phone calls, health insurance issues and, of course, purchasing leather pants. I decided one of the first things I needed to do as an unemployed person who didn't know where her next paycheck would come from was purchase leather pants. Actually, that's not true. I decided I needed to visit a certain store to browse, but when you come across a $600 pair of leather pants that's marked down by, like, a lot, well, you kind of have to buy them. So I did. And the day after that I had them altered. A week and a half after that I decided to sort out my health insurance. Priorities.

I have been focusing a lot more energy on stand-up, and will definitely be booking shows in the coming months. When I get around to updating my website, you'll actually be able to visit the calendar for specific shows. And now that I'm fired, I have a lot of material to write. For example, I now have a few new *jokes about being fired, which I didn't have before. See that? That's called a "silver lining."

Okay then. This concludes my very first entry.

*All jokes are generic in nature and do not instigate, assist or participate in the making or publication of any statement which would libel, slander, or disparage or expose to hatred, contempt or ridicule ANY company or any company's subsidiaries. Seriously (and sincerely). I love every company I've ever worked for.


steve said...

nice blog,I think you'll love being a part of the blogger family, now if I can get MY blog
But can I say I think you still rock the night

Misterfitz said...

It's a shame they didn't give you a 2 week notice. I had a situation like that once. It was great. Every other sentence out of my mouth ended with..."wadda they gonna do...FIRE ME?!?!?


Sirius Strutten said...

A little late for dinner I know, but just wanted to say that it looks like G4 legally cut off your balls and sewed your mouth shut. I hope your feeling better these days. I miss the techtv crew.

Sirius Strutten

P.S. - Trader Joes Rocks. They don't sell wine at mine.

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