Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Programming Blind

I was goofing off again today. It's now almost 3pm and I have done absolutely no writing whatsoever. Hopefully that will soon change after I complete today's mini-project. The suggestion by one of my thoughtful readers to put an RSS feed on my site has been floating around in my head. When I told him I didn't know how to do it, he suggested I seek out Joey the Intern or Kevin Rose for help.

As it happened, I hung out with Joey last Thursday in Santa Monica where a goodbye party for a G4 exec was being held. It was really just an excuse to drink beer, eat fried foods and gossip with former Tech TV employees and current G-phorians. So I asked geek wunderkind Joey about an RSS feed for my blog and he asked where I blogged. I told him I used Blogger and he informed me I'd have to switch blogs.

So today I'm going through my morning ritual of catching up on the news and checking to see if I have any more comments on my blog, when I decided, just for kicks, I'd do an RSS search on Blogger. That somehow led me to Feedburner, which in turn led me to Flickr. Flickr almost led me to setting up an email account so I could email photos to the site but I got derailed at the POP question and gave up.

I think it is now possible to add this blog to an RSS feed. And I think it's set up for RSS or Atom feeds. I don't know. I just cut and paste and half-understand what I'm doing. Just as I did yesterday when I got carried away with extra-curricular blog reading and decided to modify the programs that automatically come up whenever I start Windows. It worked for the blogger who wrote the article, and I assumed it would work for me. It turns out that when you manually remove programs from the StartUp menu, you can click on items you actually need. Don't ask me what those items are, exactly, but suffice it to say I had to switch back to the computor's default mode and face the sad fact that I will probably destroy this little machine by doing something horrifically stupid. For now, however, it works.

So now I should be wrapping up my experimentations. The flickr thing is supposed to shoot all pics I upload to this blog as well. But I can't tell if the user will have to click the photos and be transferred to the other site or if the pic will appear as a normal photo. I'm sure it will be the more complicated and annoying way, but I hope to be proved wrong.

In any case, this will prompt me to become a photo journalist as well. And by photojournalist, I mean a person who takes pictures of herself while driving and someone who documents what she eats for lunch, cause really, that's incredibly exciting stuff.

Okay....I'm gonna go start writing. Seriously. I'm gonna start.



The Matt said...

Uh, Swish, you've had an Atom feed since you started the blog. I think semi-nice blogs like yours get it automatically from Blogger.

I've used Bloglines to read it since the beginning. Oh, and 9 others do as well. You have 10 subscriptions! Oddly, though, you don't show up in a "swisher" search on Bloglines. Hmm...

CaptainYesterday05 said...

Yah, swish, if people are using firefox they can use the live book mark option. The IE users can just click the feedburner link. Sweet blog keep up the good work!

RedLobo said...

If it makes you feel any better it took me about 15 minutes to install my blog using Wordpress. However, I am a uberdork (finally I get to use the word "uber". 2002 just called and they want their word back please.) I like pie, star trek, stargate sg1, simpsons, computers, gismos, gadgets, mp3s, movies, and don't forget the real purpose of the net, pron.

MastaShaq said...

ok that was fun

Antonio Hicks said...

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