Saturday, March 12, 2005

SXSW Saturday

So I'm sitting in the business center of the hotel I'm staying at attempting to do a little last minute research for my big night tomorrow. Before I can start, however, I need to blog. That makes perfect sense.

In any case, we flew into Austin yesterday afternoon and the temperature was a lovely 74 degrees. I guess it's been raining for the past 8 weeks so I'm here at a good time.

I caught a great midnight screening last night of a documentary called The Aristocrats. The aristocrats is an old vaudeville joke that has the same set up and the same punchline, but the meat of it is improvised. If you want to see a good version of it online, look for the South Park clip. This movie was created by Paul Provenza and Penn Gillette (sp?), and they interview a ton of great comedians to hear their telling of the joke, where they first heard it and what their interpretation of the classic joke is. It's hilarious. All comics should definitely check it out. They talk to George Carlin, Gilbert Godfrey, Dana Gould, Judy Gold, Paul Reiser, Eddie Izzard, Sarah Silverman and on and on. Anyway, it was very inspiring. And for people who appreciate it when comics push the boundaries, this is a must-see.

Today I'm gonna work on some material and then try and catch two more films tonight.

I'll probably take some pics for the moblog so check those out if you want.

Wow. This is a dull entry. Okay. I'm now really going to get going and work on some stuff.


samureye said...

Good luck baby!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

You shall dazzle them with your Beauty, Brains, and Comedic Braun.

If that doesn't work, SUYT!!!

(Well, not to everyone, just aim it in my direction.)

afslip said...

Holy crap, I forgot all about SXSW. I am leaving tonight, just called a friend and he forgot about it too. Good thing we are only 5 hours from Austin, Tx, Im from Deep South Texas. Can't wait to see you Laura.

Healer2K said...

I think Sarah Silverman is a racist scumbag. But I could be wrong. Maybe she just plays one on TV. ;) I definitely enjoy most of the other comedians you mentioned though. With that said, have fun with SXSW! Can't wait to hear further details. Break a leg! :)

dingo said...

I'd ask about your show but who cares?
Fuk the interviews
I'm into nudes
prefferably belly dancers
smelly cancer
could barely answer
natures call
come on lil man... start wizzin
quizin self
more or less
hoar or press?
Mr bloggerific picture Al Gore undressed
unrest is not nearly as bad as symtoms
so here is a free dose of the cure
most of me SAW
but didnt look at the horror flik
some would clik

dingo said...

ever since you left
days seem longer
then my dik size
quik rize
I aint John Legend
my cyber skeet
realer then most ppl who use
lol an never laff
I sever halfs
stumbled on regret
and met rath
now i do my best math
double the weight your breast has
add 10 years
and a few back problems
then wadda u get
a hundred new vets
with screws loose
drinking fools juice
my tools used.

your i pod.
C for Critical

dingo said...


Kelly said...

Tried to catch your interview today at sxsw . You had left the glass booth about five minutes before I arrived. Have fun in my town! I know you will!

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