Friday, May 06, 2005

Even the Homeless Work Out

I guess there's so much competition to look good in this town that even homeless people work out. Jogging w/ Bean today I came across a homeless man laying on the sidewalk in front of a bus stop. I thought he was trying to get some noon shuteye, but then I noticed he was scissor-kicking, almost as if he was following a "Buns of Steel" workout video. In front of him was a plastic Tide container, where passersby could place donations if they were so moved. I just jogged on by, which is something I do with any uncomfortable societal problem. And I justified it by noting that if I'd have stopped to give money, my heart rate would have dipped below my target rate. Plus, the man probably would have just spent it on leg warmers or spandex instead of food. THAT'S WHAT THEY DO HERE! So I think I did the right thing.

In other news, the San Francisco Zoo apparently has some slutty penguins. Are zoo animals in San Francisco less moral than in other cities? You be the judge.

Drink pee, live longer. Sounds crazy, but in India folks have a hankerin' for cow urine. That might explain why lemonade sales are down.

All for now.

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Clinton Freeman said...

Since many in India don't eat beef, how embarrassing it must be to have to explain how you contracted mad cow disease.