Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Weezy & The Swish: Podcast Fever

Podcast fever, as you know, is going around and it looks as though I caught it and gave it to my friend--and fellow comedian and testifier in the Michael Jackson trial--Louise Palanker, otherwise known as Weezy. I, Laura Swisher, am sometimes referred to as The Swish. Guess how we came up with the name?

As it looks now, our plan is to create a weekly half-hour podcast wherein we spout off on items in the news, tech updates and conduct intriguing interviews with amazing people, or other comics if we fail to find amazing people.

Matt Hartley, the gnomedex king, will contribute as well. If you wondered how we could deliver tech updates when we're probably not very tech-savvy ourselves, well, that's how. He will be our window into all things tech and gadget-y.

Ummmmm...I'm guessing it might be a little rough-going at first, but the goal is to provide high production value and quality content.

I will of course make an announcement as to where one can listen to it when it goes online.

All for now.


Matt Hartley said...

"the gnomedex king"

Heh, thanks for the mention. While I am certainly going to be an active part of this event, I am just there to enjoy myself and network while sharing my thoughts about the coming show with all who will listen.

Chris Pirillo is without question, the Gnomedex king. ;o)

brad said...

Good luck, The Swish.

Yogifish said...

Now that's good news.

I still don't know how it works, but Apple just announce making podcasting downloads apart of itunes.

Your ahead of the pack Ms. Lady...thanks for the inspiration.

The Podcast are coming..there coming..


Matt Hartley said...

Exactly. Most people are like; "That's nice, but how do I listen or participate?"

You have my personal guarantee that I am working like a madman to make this accessible, easy to enjoy and BS-free as possible.

Laura and Weezy both rock, you are going to love this! ;o)

Chuck Suffel said...

Good Luck Swish! Most of the TechTV people are trying to get something off the ground. Can't wait to see what you'll bring to this podcasting thing....

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