Thursday, August 04, 2005

Things to Do Today

1) Call Weezy & The Swish (866-758-6991) and leave a voicemail telling us your "psycho ex-girlfriend/boyfriend" story. Everyone seems to think they have the best psycho story. I want to hear what yours is.

I wish I had a psycho story to tell. I don't think I do. I've pretty much stayed away from the mentally unstable. Oh wait. Once, a couple of years ago, I dated an axe-murderer slash model. We went out for a few months and then I got bored of him. Knowing he was an axe murderer, however, I waited for him to break up with me. I see him every now and then on a billboard.

2) Check out my pedicure. I had my lil' Palm Pilot with me and took a picture of my feet. Notice the flip flop tan line.

3) Come up with something interesting to do.

All for now. My brain is mushy. According to an article in Glamour magazine I just read, this could be cyclical. I'm in a low-energy, low-creative time of the month.


samureye said...

Pretty feet!

Butternut said...

1) I've dated at least one full blown nut job that needed a family-pack sized heap of therapy. Since I'm sick as a dog today (poor dog) I'll hold off on calling the show, unless you like sleepy coughing messages.

2) Oink. Piggies. Cute!

3) Finding something interesting to do today is a challenge since I'm home from work sick and really can't concentrate past a minute or two. I like bagels. So reading and sleeping are about it, oh, and posting on my favorite website! Swisher's blog is like chicken soup!

"Cyclic low energy" is my middle name (I have strange parents). I noticed that now that I get more regular exercise and don't eat as many pancakes I don't get as low as I used to. You get lots of exercise so that counts that out. I think having a routine makes things easier too. When I used to work out of my house I spent too much time in that place and it would cause me to get in a funk a lot. Sir Funk-a-lot.

Get out! And bring me some sushi.

jeremyc said...

my best friend is a psycho...
lol he's scared all the girls in the class with death threats, said he's gotten raped. got in truble with the police twice, says that all girls love him. it's pretty cool to be on his good side lol....

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