Wednesday, November 23, 2005

See Me on LTN Website

So I finally posted the segment I did which aired on Rough Cut November 9th. For anyone who wants to see the first "Internet Gal" piece, check out "The Fly Whisperer". The video is to the right of the article.

All for now. Must get back to work.


Tim said...

Damn flash player - no full screen! How often do these pieces run, weekly? Even with goofy music The Shining still gives me the jeebs. You are one of the 2% of Americans working today. I represent a part of the 58% that are present at their place of employment with zero workload, hence my proliferation. Yeah that's it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you young woman and to all of us you who kneel to your steadfast wit. And possible webcam. Here's to weeks of Weekly Web Updates!

Butternut said...

Me likey.

I like the part where you give out a different web site than the one on the screen. Is it me or does this clip remind you just a little of Unscrewed? OK, Laura's not as laid back as on the show but still.

Clinton Freeman said...

If you access it through by going to the video library first, you can get a player with a larger screen.


"The Shining" showed up so dark I could barely see anything at all. Might I suggest that it would create a better impression of you if the web guru clip could be played a player that allows the viewer to adjust brightness, etc.

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Dahunter said...

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