Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some of the Rough Cut Crew

I'm just going through some of my digital pics today. This picture was taken last week on a shoot we did at The Groundlings with SNL's Will Forte. He's doing a charity benefit for NPACH (an organization that advocates for the homeless) there on December 19th.

I tried to get him to reveal terribly embarrassing secrets for the website. Posted by Picasa


Clinton Freeman said...

I promised myself I wouldn't be the first comment on a blog entry anymore, but . . . you look, I don't know, displeased or something. It looks like the expression I try to make everytime I take an official photo. If a cop stops me, I want to look the same as my picture.

Clinton Freeman said...

Oh, I forgot about that. This photo is from one of my driver's licenses.
See what I mean?

Healer2K said...

You look kinda suspect there, Laura... Like you broke something, then rushed to get in on the pic. What did you do??? hmmmmmmm... *raised eyebrow*

Tim said...

Was his terribly embarrasing secret "I really want to direct"?