Monday, January 02, 2006

Bisexual Barbie

I don't know how many parents read this blog, but I came across an extremely disturbing story. I am a devout reader of Concerned Women for America because I consider myself to be a concerned woman for America. With my busy schedule, it's difficult for me to stay on top of the gravest threats we face as Americans, as many of the truly dangerous things we should be concerned about are often hidden from all but the most vigilant. Luckily, the Concerned Women for America has our back.

Imagine my horror when I learned that those sneaky gays are trying to turn our nations' four-to-eight-year-olds into bisexuals. The gays never announce what's on their agenda. No. They try to hide their nefarious plots by turning children gay one vulnerable child at a time, in secret. And they're using Barbie to do it, just as they've used Barney and the gay Teletubby in the past. It's sickening. On Barbie's website there's a questionnaire asking the child to click the the following choices to complete the sentence "I am a...: Girl, Boy or I don't know". What! There should only be TWO CHOICES!!! Kids cannot have gender confusion! This questionnaire is going to ruin our great nation and destroy the family. Please, tell me you can see how dangerous this kind of thing is.

I went to the Barbie site and couldn't find the question myself. I got bored. I'm just glad that the people at Concerned Women for America have someone on staff that can surf childrens' sites over and over and over to find the lurking dangers.

I don't want to end this post on a negative note, however. I would like to highlight one triumph that ought to take the homosexuals down a notch. Over in New York, there were these two male penguins who exhibited some homosexual behavior. They tried to hatch a rock together or something. Anyway, a penguin broad was introduced to their little habitat and one of the supposedly male penguins tried to hit on her! Ha ha! But don't take my word for it. Read what they wrote over at CWFA:
Silo and Roy, the “gay” penguin couple often used by homosexual activists to prove that homosexuality is a natural part of creation, have split up. The two penguins attempted to hatch a rock and were later given the egg of another penguin couple to raise as their own by zoo administrators. Yet, the couple couldn’t weather the forces of creation once a single female penguin was introduced. Robert Knight, Director of CWA’s Culture & Family Institute, has more on this story and its implications for the debate about homosexual marriage and parenting.

It's sickens me that the liberal media ignores these types of stories. While they prattle on about the Iraq War, bird flu, the supposed "Constitutional Crisis" and so-called Republican scandals, our nations' children are exposed to untold dangers in the form of lesbian plastic dolls designed to tear the fabric of this great nation apart. Thank God for Concerned Women for America.


NickDSchultz said...

Those damn homosexuals... Trying to ruin our way of life..

They must be in with those people who say we can't eat babies, and the people who deny that black babies are evil.

Luckily, we have Laura to tell us what's up.

OsakaJack said...

As a Concerned Man for America, and a deeply spiritual person, I have to say:

A) Gays are no better than those Jews.
B) Penguin meat is sure delicious.
C) My Barbie doll is possibly bisexual, which is why I dress her in a tar paper burka so she won't influence my Ken doll. Who is always naked since I lost his clothes somewhere.

No, this is not an SAT question. Though it should be, if those liberals appreciated America for what it is. Those damned liberals.

Clinton Freeman said...

Welcome back Laura.

See you aren't wasting time on the internet. You're just staying informed so you can keep us informed.
hanks for keeping us informed.

Jesus said...

They are always up to your backs is what i say.

Blue said...

Hide the women and children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said...

Hey Swisher...I hate to tell you this sweetie...but KEN is a flaming homo. IF Barbie IS's really NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL because least she's NOT living in SIN with KEN and screwing like MAD as though they were MORMONS and were under the impression when God said to go fourth and populate, he MENT THEM.

As as a CONCERNED WOMAN FOR AMERICA...I'm scared to death to think there are "WOMEN" like HER who THINK that BEING GAY or LESBIAN or BISEXUAL IS a choice let alone a choice that can be INFLUENCED by others.

On that same token..I'd also like to say it's a probably a safe bet that Swisher not only DOESN'T have kids, but doesn't have a man either. Because who has the kind of time to SIT BACK AND THINK OF THESE STUPID THINGS??


I bet they're against the war in Iraq too.

Unpatriotic homophobe...

Laura Swisher said...

David's one hundred percent right.

Osakajack has the courage to say what most of us are actually thinking. Bravo!

Clinton, now that I think about it, I am providing a service.

Jesus, I always ask myself what you would do in certain situations. Now I know that Jesus would watch his back. Good to know.

Blue, Amen!

i, I'm confused. Have you ever been to this blog before? Although you're right on one account-I don't have kids.

Tim, from a later post, I don't lose sleep worrying about children being "exposed" to sexuality. The truth is, some kids do have gender confusion. It's only a big deal because "adults" make it a big deal. For me it's a civil rights issue plain and simple. If people want to protect children, a better place to start would be making sure we have healthy air and water. As always, I'm happy to hear your views, even if we disagree.

Butternut said...

It's the damn gheys that are confusing children's gender. Not the parents that try to shelter them until they are 25.

Evil black gay penguin babies taste terrible.

I'm trying to do my heterosexual duty and reproduce but so far I've only failed. I like trying though so I'll keep on doing that.

I'm glad that at least this L.A. air is clean. And that water we get from Sacramento too.

frankie-poppet! said...

i think the whole thing about childrens sexuality is free.

they cant exactly chose, its what happens, you cant help liking someone from the same sex as much as people may think your weird or stupid...

its like a man loving a woman, you cant help it, it happens....

and everything happens for a reason so if Barbie is a Bi-Sexual

why should we care? its a toy doll

the website selection box would probably be for little people who cant remember words properly.

its good for our children to know about sexuality in the 21st century, its letting them know that there is always a choice, no matter what it is.

i think you are being homophobic and unfair on homosexual/bisexual people

if you think these things then try not to be offensive when you post them because you offended me and i know you will have probably offended other people too.

being gay or bi has nothing to do with the person you are, its just the path your mind has chosen for you.

So i say Go on Barbie and Be Bisexual!