Monday, January 09, 2006

A Solid Case for Capital Punishment

Until this morning I was completely against capital punishment. The idea of the state executing a person was repellant to me, especially since the state tends to discriminate against non-whites, which calls into question the notion that justice is "blind." That was my thinking at 10 am, before I read about this heinous crime.

This story is not for the feint of heart, so if you get sick to your stomach easily, don't click on it. It took me an entire half-hour to read it, not including the ten minutes I ran to the bathroom to vomit. I'm still shaky. I don't know if I'll ever feel safe enough to update my queue.

Basically, two monsters working for the U.S. Postal service would, uh, they would...This is hard for me to say. I wish I had some puppets to act out what they did because words are painful. I will try. These monsters, they intercepted and stole Netflix DVDs from customers in Lyons, CO. Hundreds of DVDs.

I can only imagine their faces as they checked their accounts, telling them that "American Pie 4: Band Camp" had been shipped out weeks earlier. How do you go on living with that kind of hole in your life? A hole that can only be filled by "Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights"?

I am literally crying right now--COL, if you will. Now I'm weeping uncontrollably, WOLU.

I can't finish this post. I just hope that if anyone is still on the fence with this debate, that they understand that certain men are just evil and shouldn't be with us anymore, men like those who stole Netflix DVDs.


Tim said...

"Men like those who stole Netflix DVDs".

I dunno about you Laura (if that is in fact your real name), but 'round these parts Karen and Gloria are names we use for girl folk.

Men, indeed.

Laura Swisher said...

I apologize, Tim. I lied. I didn't even get through the whole article. And I assumed that the culprits were men because it was such a heinous crime. I forget sometimes that women can be evil too.

Clinton Freeman said...

This is the funniest thing.
See, my father worked for the post office, my sister use to work for the post office, and two of my first cousins work for the post office.

My other sister is an orthopedic surgeon, but often refers to us as a post office family. Dr. Freeman told me a couple of days ago that she wanted to kill her letter carrier.
She felt bad about it, being from a post office family and all, but he's gone too far. He hadn't been putting her mail in the box and for some reason she hasn't been getting her nexflix.

Locke said...

Here's my take on capital punishment:

I'm not strongly for or against capital punishment. But I want to take issue with one argument in the debate. Here is 'old faithful' that I hear often: 'The death penalty punishes a murder with another murder. So it's as bad as the crime itself.' The same style of argument works for corporal punishment: My son just hit my daughter. But if I punish him with a smack, my crime is as bad as my son's.

Now think closely and these arguments self-destruct. Should slave traders be locked up? Almost everyone will say yes - they deserve a jail sentence. But this is punishing those who lock people up by locking them up. It's the same hypocrisy. Yet most (including myself) think we should lock them up anyway.

How do we escape this dilemma? We must see the difference between those who may justly punish offenders and those who may not. Those with proper authority include our judiciary and our parents. They may execute acts of punishment which are criminal in any other context. They may lock people up. They may smack. In fact they must execute these punishments for the common good. No one else may do this, but they must.

So back to 'old faithful' above. We must all refute this argument, no matter how passionately we are against capital punishment. If we allow this argument, we will find that all discipline and all judicial sentencing are immoral and hypocritical.

Tim said...

I was just surprised it didn't turn out to be Tom Sizemore and Brad Renfro.

Clinton Freeman said...

Don't go killing people, Laura. Killing is bad, OK. It hurts people, OK. Then they are dead, OK. They're not alive anymore, OK. Their fiends are sad, OK. Their families are sad, OK. Killing is bad.

I had to write something so it wouldn't look like I was trying to be Mr. Know-it-all.

Locke, if you read this answer the following questions:
What gives those who you argue has proper authority to "execute acts of punishment which are criminal in any other context?"
Can a parent beat their child into a coma because they wet the bed?
Should the legal system be allowed to kill innocent people to make sure they get all the guilty ones?

Jesus said...

What took them so long to catch them ??? I thought postal employees were stripped search before the left the office to make sure they weren't running off with other peoples paychecks and ebay payments. Hopefully they will start now...cross your fingers.

Butternut said...

I think someone at my work was stealing my Netflix. I would take them to work an use the outbox there because I didn't want people in my apartment complex to take them. Netflix would fail to get about 1 a month from me, about 5 overall. Lame ones too.

I wouldn't give them the death penalty, but a couple real good paper cuts covered with lemon juice would be a good start.