Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Step Away from the Tricycle

It's hard to outrun cops on a tricycle. I hate to have to point this out over and over, but if you're a drug trafficker, the idea is to NOT draw attention to yourself. For example, if you're over sixty, a tricycle is not a discreet mode of transportation. Think Lil Rascals.

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Clinton Freeman said...

I've wasn't sure what they meant by tricycle. I couldn't tell if it's a 3 wheel motor vehicle or if there was some "Benny Hill" or "Mexican TV comedy" type stuff going on.
I found a picture of the tricycle in question at here. I have to say a child's tricycle or a "big wheel" would have been a lot funnier.
But the guy ought to get a reduced sentence for peddling that thing across the border at 61. He was just trying to be "green" and took things a bit too far.