Monday, March 27, 2006

What Would Jesus Flip?

Devout Catholic and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, emulating Jesus, flipped the bird to reporters in Boston after they questioned him about some remarks he made in Switzerland that indicated he had prejudged a case coming before the Supreme Court. Specifically, the reporter wondered if Scalia could be impartial in cases involving the separation of church and state.

I guess it's kind of eloquent that he flipped the bird just outside his church. I mean, how much more separation could you ask for than making an obscene gesture at a holy site (ignoring, of course, the decades of child abuse at the hands of priests)?

After flipping the bird, he said, "That's Sicilian." If true, that means 200 million more Americans are bilingual than previous thought. Meraviglioso!


Amadeo said...

That's just precious.

velveeta said...

Who are we to judge Justice Scalia? If we start making judgements on incidents as small as this what's next? Maybe we could judge the ACLU's complete support NABLA. Of course that would probably be insensitive to your liberalism.

Phill said...

I think we need more detail here. What did he say? to whom? when? in what context?

what's his background in the first place?

Clinton Freeman said...

I always suspected Scalia had pale girly hands.
What's the big deal about what he did? He was just exercising all his 1st Amendment rights at once.

VagabondLoafer said...

Not surprising behavior for one of the highest paid politicians in the land. Whether this silly act is worthy of coverage by the networks or not is debatable but NBC and CBS sure missed it in their newscasts tonight -- and NBC mentioned Scalia's speech.
I know Sicilian, and no lil' Anton, that’s NOT Sicilian.

Aaron said...

And here's yet another example of how position in society affects the perception of how a person should behave publically. So it was an obscene gesture to some..big deal. Nixon giving the peace sign was obscene to be. Dubya claiming "Mission Accomplished" years or maybe decades before it could even really be considered is more hurtful to my brain than the foulest profanity.