Monday, April 24, 2006


This one hurts. If we needed any more proof that American ingenuity is waning, this is it.

See the above picture? Look at the adorable ads. Now notice the website address in those ads:

NL? Ummm, that's a Dutch website. It is not an American website. That means that the Dutch--people fond of wooden clogs--beat us in exploiting animals to increase market share. If anyone's going to exploit animals, it should be us, as in U.S.

And of course businesses here will rush out to advertise on other farm animals, but the point is that we didn't do it first.

I'm going to go cry now.


Tim said...

Girl you are slipping. In much the same way I am typing this with my amazingly nimble member, folks everywhere are working it with whatever they have. So the Dutch are advertising on sheep. Big deal. If they had the same livestock as we do in the U.S., they too would be slapping URLs on the homeless.

Clinton Freeman said...

Holy Cow.
Bush has the USA in such bad shape that we are losing the four-legged arms race to the Dutch.

Misterfitz said...

I'm really disappointed that our stand up comedians and blogger/podcasters haven't started using their bodies/clothing for advertising.

But come to think of it, no other comedian/blogger/podcasters from other nations have started.

So when you start this Laura, remember that (Like NASCAR racers and cars) you can get different ad rates for different areas of the body.

So do you have an idea what your rates will be?

Phill said...

i applaud this innovative behaviour.