Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back Alley Nose Jobs?

This is weird. I understand the idea of getting a back alley abortion. That makes sense for women who feel they absolutely can't have a child. And there are many tragic reasons that would drive a woman to an act of desperation. But a nose job?

From the BBC article:
"They use a thick needle which is normally used to inject horses. The silicone is liquid gel which is used to clean industrial machinery. They injected a litre of it into each of my breasts," Rosa, 48, says.

"I've been on my own for the last two years and all I wanted was to look as beautiful as I did in my 20s and to find boyfriend.

It's so much easier for me to laugh at these stories when they involve rich people. Still, back alley vanity surgeries are easy targets.

The sad thing is, plastic surgery looks crappy even when performed by the best doctors. There's a reason not everyone was given full lips. Most people look stupid with artificially inflated lips.


Butternut said...

I got a back alley wedgie once. At least it was free. I had to go to the hospital afterwards to perform an undwearectomy. Still, I felt taller for a few days afterwards.

Vanity and insecurity knows no bounds, much like Laura's hatred.

Matthew said...

Holy moley!

Clinton Freeman said...
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Tim said...

This is nothing. I think we generally tend to think of those quick to go under the knife as aging celebrities; divas etc (what is that little sports comentators name who now looks like a monster...) but I fear that in the next few years were going to see teens sneaking off to have major surgery where our generation snuck off to get tatoos. Do you know someone with a homeade tattoo? Me too. The next generation will all know someone with a home boob job. Or not, who knows.

Bob Costas! He looks like a friggen creature with that botox in his forehead preventing him from showing a hint of expression.

Cher would be the emost beautiful woman alive now (and the singular precident for gorgeous silver haired women) if she had left well enough alone.

Clinton Freeman said...

Back alley gastric bypass surgery. That's a story. This is just medicine as usually in South America. You can die from things that wouldn't even keep a kid home from school in the US, but the cheap plastic surgery will guarantee you make a good looking corpse.

First rule of colonialism.
Even if you can't, or don't want to, give people freedom, justice, or a quality standard of living, you can always make them so desperate to buy your shit that they'll sacrifice what little they have to get the real thing.
Even worse, if they don't have enough they will still give everything just to settle for fake shit.

Mark said...

So it's o.k. to slaughter a child in a back alley, instead of giv it up for adoption?

Mark said...
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