Friday, May 19, 2006

English Is the OFFICIAL Language of This Blog

Just so everyone is aware, I am formally declaring English to be the official language of this blog. I know that 99.9% of all entries thus far have been in English, and that the majority of comments have been in English, and that, logically, it's the best way to communicate with readers because it's the language we all have in common, but I feel compelled to make it official. As we all know, a certain group of people want to force Americans to blog in otros idiomas. I'm not going to decir what language I'm referring to, but suffice it to say that a lot of people come to this country to blog in their native tongues. It's got to stop! Why? Because I need to know what everyone is saying in this country even if they're not saying it to me! When non-native speakers talk about me behind their backs (and of course that's what they're doing!), it makes me uncomfortable. If people want to come to this country, they need to have a good command of the English language, unless, of course, they're Americans. It's okay for Americans to butcher the language, especially if they're in positions of leadership.


Tim said...

You fucking nailed it with this: "I need to know what everyone is saying in this country even if they're not saying it to me." I want to say dumbest law ever passed but there are still 2 years left to the Bush admin, so.

Butternut said...

"President Bush, who often peppers his speeches with Spanish words and phrases" Really? I think those are really English words that he's making up on the spot.

My immigrant ancestors didn't speak English when they came here. They spoke German, Norweign and Canadian but were not forced to learn English. Obiviously it's adventageous to learn English but mandatory? Really?

There's a lot of English speakers I still can't understand because of their accents. Sure, PBS British comedies have helped me, but I still can't understand those southerners, New Yarkers, or Scots. We need to also mandate a national accent. I'm sure Bush would push for Texan. I think Valley would be most appropriate for this nation of celeb gawking consumers. OK, we the people are like totally goin' to form a like more perfect union. Oh-my-God.

NakedZoo said...

Ummm...aren't you like...Spanish and Mexican or something like that? I don't want to seem racialist or anything but I think it's call Mullatism and that means 'mixed breeders' in Latin.

VagabondLoafer said...

Students should be required to learn English and at least one additional language. Adults should take it upon themselves to learn a second language.
Fueling the debate on either side you have people that want to remake the U.S. into the country of their origin and others that just plain want all non-whites whisked off of the Earth and sent into outer space.
Bush uses Spanish when he doesn’t know the corresponding English words. I just keep telling myself that pinhead used to pilot fighter jets! Unbelievable.

Enjoy your weekend!

Behm-Azis said...

I'm with Swish as far as English being the language of her Blog because she created this. Now when it comes to picking an official language of this country to be technical it wasn't English. It was Native American. Now why don't we all learn to Speak Navajo or Choctaw?! How arragant are we to want to understand what everyone is saying whenever they say it? Isn't that why we have Pig Latin, Mop Bop, Morse Code and other ways of coding what we say? Seems like some people just have control issues. And for the record my native languge is English and I speak German, French and Japanese fluently. Not because I was forced to learn them but because I always present myself with new challenges.

Clinton Freeman said...

I wish the law was passed so those in power could know what other people are saying, they don't care what people are saying when it is in English.

Codes have 2 purposes. So outsides don't know what you are saying is one, but the more important one is so insiders understand what you're saying. The law and the ban on gay marriage are just the "cool kids" finding someone to pick on.

The last thing the people who passed that law wants is people to actually understand English. If they did they would realize there is no such title as "decider" in the constitution and demand Bush be impeached and impeach anyone in Congress against Bush's impeachment for failing to protect and defend the constitution.

You're blessed. I'm literally a genius. I can use English well enough to get my point across to most people, but only because I'm not limited in how I use English. When I have trouble, pronouncing or spelling a word I choose another that works too. If a phrase isn't close enough to what I'm thinking I write another.
Because I struggle with the English language and sometime have to search for words to use, I'm acutely aware of etymology of the words I choose. Are we only allowed to use words of English origins? Is ancient Celtic, close enough? Will we have to evacuate the places whose name isn't of English origin? I have no intention of leaving Brooklyn.

Tim said...

As a denumont to the crucifiction of Tom and Katie, I give you the grand finale (hopefully) in the "Lets Drive Britney Spears to Kill Her Child" campaign:

Yeah it's unrelated but I've spammed it everywhere else today so. The moral of the story is this - we're mean and vicious in numbers as a species.

Thank you