Friday, August 25, 2006

I'd Always Suspected

That I wasn't very smart. A new study now proves it.

Just noticed my lack of posting. Been very busy with work, lots of writing to be done.


Clinton Freeman said...

I've missed your posts.
When I heard about the study, I didn't know how to feel.
I'm tall for my birth cohort, but only average for those born after me. I guess one can honestly debate if David Robinson or Kareem is smarter than I, but I know I'm smarter than Shaq.
I seems like little more than the crap that gets published this time of year which the media always distorts.
I'm working on a name for it. So far I have; "Summertime Semi-Scholarly Pseudo-Science Sensationalized Insignificant Shit."

Eddie said...

Your lack of posting is not a problem on our part. You have a life, you live in an expensive, difficult-to-get-by-in city, and your chosen profession is not the most financially stable. Post when you can. We just want to know occasionally if you're still in one piece and when you finally start shooting that movie with the performance that is going to garnish you that Oscar® you so deserve. The Swish rocks!

dragonflypurity said...

Honey..we are in the same boat (me being borderline midget). I first read about this phenomenon is the book freakonomics...though it deosn't go into detail about the IQ of those individuals. It's depressing, isn't it? Whats a shorty to do?

Butternut said...

This explains the stereotype about Japanese people being stupid.

I too have not been posting due to my crazy work schedule during summer. However, I do not excuse La Swish from providing consistant updates and entertainment. I think we deserve our monies worth.

How much does this service cost anyway? I got the lifetime membership. See link.

Unscrewed forever

Yes, that is my real Tivo season pass as of today. I ain't changing it.

Doesn't Moniesworth sound like a British last name?

Teej said...

No no are the exception my love!

Swish said...

Hey, I believe you may be my long lost sister. Save for everything, the resemblance is uncanny. I'll notify the Swisher clan of your podcast and website. Good stuff!

- Swish

Amadeo said...

Is that what Randy Newman meant when he wrote "Short People"?