Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Numb3rs" Set Visit and Other Videos

I've started adding video segments to my My Space page should you have any interest in checking out some of the vids I've made for "Gold Rush." Right now those are the videos I have access to.

In other Swisher news, my Powerbook died. It died three days after my year warranty expired and guess who didn't get around to purchasing an extended warranty? One guess.

I am in the middle of a perfect storm of technological failure. It's fantastic.

So go check out some vids if you're bored. I am going to go back to hating myself for not staying on top of things like warranties.


Butternut said...

Numb3rs, Se7en... I think you should follow the trend and change your name to The Sw1sh3r. So leet.

Sorry to hear about the Powerbook 'splosion. As a matter of fact I'm in the middle of repairing a laptop for my lil sis. I'm sure if you describe the problem the power nerds on your blog will have it fixed in a jiffy. Either that or we will be too busy fighting over who gets to fix it or clean it or sniff it or whatever. Ah well, gotta love 'em.

Tim said...

"Listen Chief, I need this case!". Classic.

David Krumholz may have a sexy tv show opposite Dr. Northern Exposure there but he will forever be Mr. Universe in tragic cult history. (Serenity - the movie version of Nate Fillion's canceled show firefly. You can't stop the signal).