Monday, November 27, 2006

The Town That Hates Peace

A woman in Colorado is being fined $25 a day for hanging a peace wreath on her house because angry homeowner residents find it "offensive." Apparently being pro-peace is anti-war, and being anti-war is a bad because, you know, we're at war. It's perfectly logical. People who are against war should bite their tongues until combat has ended. At that point it's okay to dust off the peace wreaths and stick peace bumber stickers on their cars. To do so while soldiers are losing their lives and getting their limbs blown off is in poor taste.

When I buy I home, remind me to get one that's part of a neighborhood association with a lot of restrictions and a mess o' uptight neighbors.


Tim said...

I wish this was funny in any respect but it just parks on my will to live.

Clinton Freeman said...

1 (one) guy fined the couple. He fired 5 people because they wouldn't. For all anyone knows he might be the only one who complained.
So, in this case it doesn't take a village -- just one moron.

Butternut said...

Jesus hates peace,
and I hate Christmas,
but at least I like all of you.