Monday, January 29, 2007

"Unscrewed" Gets Teacher Fired

I saw this story and thought, "Hmmm...I wonder if this is the same guy who was on our show." I didn't have to think about it too much thanks to the YouTube clip embedded in the article. The Internet is full of cautionary tales, some of which are so obvious no explanation should be necessary. Sadly, the world is full of clueless people, people who need to hear obvious maxims. For example, "If you ass paint and work with kids, don't draw attention to your ass painting by appearing on television, even if it's on a show barely anyone watches, because the appearance will come back to haunt you." Leaving the butt painting aside for just a second: If you're a teacher, don't appear anywhere in a thong where there are cameras of any sort present. I am thankful I grew up before the age of YouTube. The less we know about peoples' privacy, the better. I was reminded of this yesterday as I trolled Perez Hilton's site and came across a scary nude pic of Mischa Barton's beau. I was going to link to it and then realized I might be placing my future teaching career in jeopardy. It was a little disturbing. More disturbing than the actual picture is HOW that picture made it to a popular gossip site. In any case, I quickly went through my camera phone, miniDVs and Canon Elph to delete all my nude painting shots. You should, too.


DogsDontPurr said...

Well shoot! I guess I can give up my life long dream of being a teacher now. And I didn't even think of wearing a disguise on your show! D'oh!

Clinton Freeman said...

I don't get it.
Painting nudes are so common it's a major cliché. The other is painting a bowl of fruit.
That's like asking no math problem begin "2 trains leave stations x miles apart..."

Sean said...

I'm pretty sure the girl who painted with her boobs on UnScrewed was my 3rd grade music teacher, Mrs. Peru.

This clip might take awhile to show on the YouTube.

Clinton Freeman said...

I had trouble getting onto aol, but now I get it. Folks had didn't have issues with paintings of naughty bits. They didn't like the teacher using his naughty bits to paint with.
I wouldn't want him making his art in the classroom and it's nobody else's business if he keep it completely separate from his work, but I'm not sure how I feel about the what happens between these two extremes.
Maybe he should just promise to go into rehab.

DogsDontPurr said...

Eeeek!!! I've been YouTubed!

Butternut said...

From his lawyer:
"Chesterfield lost a tremendous asset today," he said.
What a card.

Use a disguise but your real name... bad idea. Those cat tails are awfully thin.

Congrats on Unscrewed breaking mainstream media. Is AOL mainstream?

Clinton Freeman said...

It took me three days to figure it out, but now I know the moral of the story:
Don't go public if you paint with your taint.

Tim said...

I've tried a few times to post about this but it's just too huge a topic. While it's obvious that the dude in question needs to take responsibility for bein' a little freaky, I think this new spooky era we're entering isn't exactly the 1984 that seemed to be unfolding a few years ago; the fear of the government monitoring your every move is on par with the idea that some fuckhead somewhere will film you doing something stupid, upload it to the net and the "WORLD" sees it. By "WORLD" I mean the collective bunch of questionably motivated folks who scour headlines looking for juicy awfull news from around the world; people stuck at the computer at work, home with donuts and ten windows open, this new breed of attention whore that youtube has given venue to. Have you SEEN some of the videos from hardcore youtubers? They are an army poised to broadcast the stupidest, least common demoninator subject matter that our "culture" has to offer. And they are mobile with cell phone cams - watched three teens during the holiday season with their cellphone cams getting upskirt shots of girls in the mall this last season. Better living through technology I guess. Laura you are in a particularly odd category because you are known to so many from Unscrewed which kind of represented one of the first marriages between the net and tv. Ultimately I guess in this new era of fifteen second fame, you are either going to WANT to be "Mr. Taint Painter", "Paris Hilton" or "Molester gets caught on Dateline". Look at that whack job who claimed to kill Jon Benet. No doubt about it - the worlds getting weirder. Just wait until next year - the election; expect to see footage of Hillary just waking up in a hotel room with her hair all shitty giving her personal aid a hard time captured on some hidden grainy cell phone. Oh just you wait. For all of us who DONT want to be mr "Backflip goes terrbily wrong" all I can say is this: It isn't a matter of whether or not your paranoid, it's a matter of whether or not your paranoid enough.

Fuck it. Have a Fresca!

Matt said...

DYING here at "paint with your taint!"