Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Grandpa Dust

Been busy lately, but something that got a lot of newsplay reminded me of an embarrassing story that happened to me a few years ago. A friend of mine offered me a joint (that I thought was a tobacco cigarette) that turned out to be laced with what he said was "grandpa dust". I thought "grandpa dust" meant PCP, so I took a couple drags. He told me later it was literally grandpa dust, the ashes of his grandfather. Since then, I no longer smoke anything given to me by someone else. I'll sprinkle my own PCP on cigarettes, thank you very much.


Butternut said...

Coming from Keith, this doesn't surprise me in the least. Is that really him or his foam latex "Spitting Image" look alike?

I smoked a piece straw once. The real kind, not the plastic kind. Dumb idea.

Every time you have a posting drought it's usually because you are busy working. So congratulations on whatever new thing you have going.

duboisist said...

I just get back from "Swisher blog" rehab and you cause me to relapse.
Thanks alot, Laura.
I'll send you the bill next time I go in.

Tim said...

I'd smoke my Grandfather in a doob. Without question. He's a magnanamous entity and 'twas from his loins me and mine sprung. We'll, not the mine part so much. Anyway I'd prefer to smoke than snort him.

Hope your well Laura - summer is comin' - get busy!