Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Terrorism Can't Happen Here

I know because I had to go through airport security this weekend and they don't let anything get by them, as my 4 oz tube of toothpaste can tell you. I even tried to bring three carry on bags with me on the plane and security was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!". And then I had to put one bag in another bag, making it two bags I was carrying on. Seriously, we're safe.


Pierce said...

Look at the bright side. Just think about all the new airport employees you get a chance to meet and talk with now, they are always such a delight and in such a good mood.

Butternut said...

I want my flying car now please.

I find it's actually faster to drive to San Fransisco than fly, or at least Sacramento. I haven't been to SF in awhile, not since the dot com days.

kamiel said...
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kamiel said...

In the past months I've been on several planes, either within Europe or outside. Going to Egypt, no checks on fluids at all; going to Thailand I had to leave my hairgel (did not really matter, as it's too humid anyway). All European flights are fully checked.

And then I wonder; every time I have arrived on my destination I feel an urge to clip my nails. As usual, after unpacking my handluggage I can get that done... Last time I was checked carrying my survival tools was in 2001.

By the way: why did I forget to buy a share in the company manufacturing zip-top plastic bags?

We're only waiting for the next security whole...!

tankboy2902 said...

This is the very reason I always travel with my Matryoshka ® line of luggage from Samsonite. Based on the Russian nesting dolls of the same name, the ensemble contains over 157 bags which, when properly packed, easily fit under the seat pocket in front of you. The TSA searching 157 bags for your toothpaste? Ain’t gonna happen. They hit bag 4 and they’re outta there like a postal worker delivering a kidney packed in dry ice to a Manhattan 4th floor walkup. In August. At the end of their shift. (it’s New York, stranger things have happened) Now that’s a package left curbside as a stink bomb just waiting to happen.

Just don’t take it to the airport.

Phillip said...

Hiya Laura,

With the end of Weezy and The Swish as we know it I thank you for all the 100+ episodes you contributed to. They were so very good. I always enjoyed listening to them while player GTA San Andreas as they sort of gelled with the talk radio station.

I will really miss the show for the above reasons and because it got me listening to podcasts in the first place. The whole thing was a class act. I do hope you make future podcasts. I know some of Martin Seargent's friends are back up in San Francisco now. I'm sure anything you would contribute to would have it's standards raised simply by virtue of your involvement.

You keep writing the blogs and doing the cnet gig and I'll keep reading and watching them.

zachary said...

Come on, Swish. A blog post about your airport troubles? Zzzzzzz

But on a serious note: I'm with Phillip. Although I'm a little bummed that W&TS is over, I just want to thank you for all the great podcasts. So, thanks.

Keep bloging and good luck at CNet. I hope it leads to even better opportunities.

Tim said...


Ain't been around much - things change and keep changing - is blogging dead yet? Where's your Harry Potter post?

If you only write one post all year then make sure it's HARRY POTTER!!! I don't think he dies. I see the W&S podcast goes on without ye and I say "see" because I confess lamely I never liked her. BOOYA!!! There it's been said. Hi Louise! I couldn't emotionally bear listening to her gloss over your best spontaneous material for whatever reason at any given moment. I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about. It's my ocd - I think most people are just competitive by nature I guess. And I know that as I near 40 I want to claw the eyes out of every handsome thinks-he-all-that muscle bound tanned soft lipped boy in front of me at the Dunkin Donuts! Damn I hate Rachel Ray! Damnit we just want to EAT AND SHE"S AN EATER!!!!

Ah anyway. Hope your well this summer - hope your reading for supporting actress roles in movies you don't think you'd ever have a shot at. Hope yer loved 'uns are well and here's to all things Summer. And Harry Potter.

Peace Laura