Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Weezy & the Swish Coming Up

The *rumors are true. I'll be wading back into the podcasting waters with former co-host Louise. When word that I had moved back to LA got out, the **demands for the show coming back on the Internets were deafening. The current plan is to produce shows every other week, and our first taping will occur this Sunday, July 6. The show's first guest will be my newest ex-roommate, Wyatt Cenac, who traded a lavish lifestyle in the hills of Echo Park for a threadbare existence in Manhattan where he toils away on The Daily Show as its newest correspondent. I warned him it would be career suicide, but he didn't listen. So we'll be talking to him about what it's like to live with me, how much he misses walking Bean and if it's true that Los Angeles and New York are different.

So that will be coming up.

*The rumors that haven't really taken hold

**At least three people


tankboy2902 said...

**I would be most happy to round out that trio into a foursome. Because it will cause me some hardship to adjust my regimen such that I can find the time to listen in, I hope and pray that the show is exceptionally petty and superficial, as per the Swisher guarantee. Although not explicitly stated, I hope I may assume the guarantee applies to all her endeavors? Let frivolity and trivialities reign therein, for torments aplenty work themselves into my life with little or no encouragement from me.

I say to you Swish, “Bring forth your pod cast, and let Stupidity again rule my bandwidth!”

Now I gotta go pull the engine on my car. Really.

Threw a rod. For those of you who need it, I'll throw you this bone:
My car? Blew a rod.

Butternut said...

A rod? Nah that's just ice cream.

Wooo hooo! That's great news! It's a July 4th miracle.

Crap, now I have to write another song. I've been meaning to write one about Necrotizing Fasciitis for Matt.

Still doing the live chat thingy?

Laura Swisher said...

It will definitely be superficial. Not sure on the live chat thing. And I don't know the number folks can call in on. Perhaps Weezy has made such an announcement.

Shadowomyn said...

This is great! For no good reason I decided to check out the old Weezy and the Swish page - just in time to find out you're re-teaming! I missed your show!

(It's a good show to listen to during the bus commute.)

Pierce said...

You can count me in with those demanding a reunion! Well maybe not demanding, that sounds a bit out of place. How about strongly requesting with an urgent tone?

Butternut there will be a live chat, link is now on the main page and also Here. Hope to see you there!

Tim said...

He SO held still mid-bite for that photo. Hope your summer is tremendous.