Friday, January 02, 2009

More Like Days Ick

Apologies to the marketing department of Days Inn who have no doubt crafted a wonderful campaign centered around the wonderful experience of spending a night at a Days Inn. Their fine work was rendered moot last night when I lifted a pillow to find a cockroach hanging out on the underlying pillow. It may have been the only cockroach in the entire place, but it was in my bed. FAIL.

Aside from the cockroach and hard mattress, everything else about my brief stay was top notch.

At the Richmond airport right now taking advantage of the airport's free WiFi. All airports, and coffee shops, should offer this service.

Observation: I never get offered a free plane ticket to take a later flight when I'm returning from vacation. Perhaps I can make a deal with my connecting flight in Cleveland...

Also looking to pass my cold onto a bunch of strangers. Have perfected a fake sneeze that's coupled with a 160 degree twist of the head to maximize the spread of my germs to the most number of people.

Boarding soon.


tankboy2902 said...

It was rude of you to annoy her. She was keeping the bedbugs company.

Butternut said...

Everyone and everything wants to sleep next to The Swish. Yuck. I had a roach crawl over my face while I was sleeping once.

Get well soon.

tankboy2902 said...

OK, Butternut, new resolution for you for 2009: leave gross shit out of the blog.