Saturday, February 21, 2009

Awesome Aussie

Got to hang out with Aussies today backstage at the Independent Spirit Awards, and I'm pleased to announce that I can now cross "pet a kangaroo"off my bucket list.

The experience has made me want to take another trip to Australia. It's a good thing that V Australia is opening up new routes to Melbourne and Brisbane in the coming year. Not only that, airfare is so affordable, it would be a crime NOT to go to Australia!

Got a lot of fun interviews with attendees and have developed about 8 more crushes, one of whom being "The Wire's" Andre Royo, aka "Bubbles", who was one of the best-dressed actors I saw all day, and a charming, down-to-earth cat.


Butternut said...

Soft, aren't they? Koalas smell like eucalyptus. 'Roos can be aggressive so watch out. My sister had to hit one with a shovel once.

I watched the Aisha Tyler special on Comedy Central tonight. She has such a unique background; a geeky black girl growing up in a mostly white community, living in San Francisco, and some of her friends are gay! Wow, I mean, we can only imagine what that is like. And apparently she has no ass and is quite traumatized about it.

But when she made the "baby leg" joke she went too far... The girl is stealin' from ya.

Please post links to any of your interviews that make it online!

Laura Swisher said...

Will do. Spots are being cut as I write.

ballgame said...

Just FYI: Australia has a current events radio program which is also called The Wire.