Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Newest Obsession

This man will be my future husband, no matter how many dragons I have to slay in order to be with him.


tankboy2902 said...

Not if I marry him first. He's simply too delish.

And as for dragons, I will WAY slay the phuk out of loads more of them than you. I've got a SigSauer P220 .45, a Winchester Model 70 .3006, and a 12-gauge pump action with their names on them.

That's not cheating, is it? I'm fresh out of magical swords. *

My only question is, a blonde with a black mustache (it's not even a little light)? Does the carpet match the drapes?

The song is nice, but the video puts it over the top. I give it an 8, Dick.

* Left it in the backyard with the rest of my yard tools. I do this crap every winter. It's all rusted up, the leather wrap on the hilt has unwound, and the scabbard has dry rot. Plus the pointy end is now only annoyingly pointy and not dangerously pointy because my wife used it to plant her bulbs.

tankboy2902 said...

After further review, I give the song a 9. Plus I'm going after Smaug.

Butternut said...

This has GOT to be a viral for something. I'll make my official guess, "Princess Bride" remake.

Can anyone understand the lyrics?