Monday, February 16, 2009


My iPod, my ancient, ancient iPod, has officially died. I've spent this President's Day weekend tending to my various gadgets and things.

Yesterday I had a setback with my new Western Digital drive (see below. or don't. really not that interesting). It decided not to let my computer recognize it. So today, because I like to take full advantage of any days off I might have, I made an appointment with the Mac Genius Bar to see if they could salvage my little iPod. They can't. I then whipped out my WD drive. In short order they reformatted it and it's ready to go.

So now I'm copying tons and tons of files, files I will never need to look at ever again. Still, I copy them.

I was able to cross off "Fix WD drive" on my "To Do" list today. The next item, "Get a Life", will have to wait for some other time.


Butternut said...

Sorry to hear about your iPod, great to hear about the WD drive. I hear these "Life" things you speak of are on sale now. I have mine leased with an option to buy.

You're not alone with tech breaking on you. Stuff breaks on me constantly. Cars too, and oh Lord is that expensive...

Anonymous said...

Stop with the Mac stuff. Steve Jobs hates poor people.
I am glad you got the hard drive working. The gods don't hate you Swish, they are just testing you to see if you are worthy to be called a goddess.
Miss watching you on techtv. Miss techtv. Hope things are going very well for you.