Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Prescription for Sex?

I've been juggling a lot of projects and haven't been able to bring my incisive commentary to bear on the important issues of the day. For example, I should have already posted about this story in which Iranian scientists posit that sex might be an affordable cure for hay fever. Is this science real? Because I suspect the story might be a plant by Ahmadinejad. Still trying to wrap my head around what he hopes to accomplish by pushing this nonsense.

Ummmm....going back to my writer's block. Can. Not. Concentrate.

Who knew Mahmoud had his own website?


Cuervo Jones said...

well, if you ever feel a hay fever coming on and you want to test this theory let me know!!! =)

Laura Swisher said...

You're very kind, Cuervo.

Butternut said...

Iranian scientists found the nasal system is linked to the reproductive system.
You're doing it wrong. That's not what a blow job means.

This could remove the "I have a headache" defense once and for all.

Cuervo Jones said...

I aim to please.