Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disappointment Brought to You by AT&T

Have a bunch of writing to get done today, but I can always make time to complain about crappy Internet service. I have AT&T service. Several times a day, for no apparent reason, I am unable to connect to the Internet and have to "check" my Internet connection. I'm supposed to have one of the fastest connection speeds, but downloads aren't that fast. How is it that Americans pay more money for crappier service than people in, say, Japan?

I'm not the only one complaining about AT&T. Mythbuster Adam Savage isn't terribly happy with the company either. $11,000 bills will do that to you.

This concludes my AT&T complaining.


Ryan said...

My daily disconnects started a month or so ago suspiciously around the same time they came door to door advertising for U-Verse.

I was told my modem was broken, of course, and being that it is out of warranty (of course!) it would now cost ME to solve this problem.

Oh, AT&T!

Butternut said...

Time/Warner cable modem has been great to me. 10Mbs down (1.2MB/sec), 1 Mbs up (128KB/sec) for about $45 monthly. If I had TV with them I'd save a bunch of money too. It goes out once or twice a year. Lucky for me since cable is a localized monopoly. It will actually affect where I buy a house.

Verizon FIOS is on the way too.

Butternut said...

This should cheer you up.

"Z" said...

I work for at&t and take that as a compliment Swish -) thanks