Sunday, June 07, 2009

Oh Yeah...That's What Skies Look Like

Trapped at the Tucson International Airport right now. Weather in Denver has delayed my flight about an hour and a half. Fortunately, TIA has free wi-fi. The airport also has a bar. With the Laker Game on.

I thought I would spend some time driving around and visiting old haunts but that didn't really happen. Having a pool outside one's room is a disincentive to go anywhere. So my outings were limited to places were food was being served.

And I'm pretty sure I got a speeding ticket last night coming home. Apparently Tucson has installed "speed cameras" in various spots, one of those spots being the road my hotel was on. In a few weeks I'll probably have a souvenir brought to me in the mail. I'm hoping Budget Rental Car loses all my information. If anyone wants to crash their system on my behalf, have at it. Electronic speeding tickets are kind of like souvenirs from amusement parks. In the same way you get to see what you looked like shooting down the, ah, shoot of a log ride, speed cameras allow you a glimpse of what you looked like while you were breaking the law.

I bet in the future they'll come up with electronic breathalyzers that can home in on the alcohol level of your vehicle's cab. Those pictures will be priceless.

Is there a website yet where people can upload their red light violating, speed camera defying pictures? If not, it should happen soon.


Skip Serpico said...

I am so envious that you got to go back home to Tucson. Though, much like it seemed to play out for you, my nostalgia for the place is much richer than the reality of it.

Hope you had fun!

Butternut said...

Speed cameras and speed laws always remind me of this video. I don't have the guts to do this on the 405.


Laura Swisher said...

Good thing no one got hurt when they were making that video.

I hadn't been back to Tucson in almost 10 years. I wouldn't have minded staying a couple days longer, but I don't know that I'd want to move back.