Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Remembering Michael

I've had a few thoughts about Michael Jackson today and I thought I'd post a brief compilation.

9:30ish am - Just walked into work, saw news coverage. Thought there was an extremely slow car chase involving a black stretch limo.There's not.

10:00 am - Just thinking about my asexual encounter with MJ back in 1991. We were backstage after a concert. I couldn't have been less turned on, and the feeling was mutual. It was magical.

Queen Latifah's reading of a Maya Angelou poem at MJ's memorial service reminded me of a beautifully succinct poem the great Maya Angelou wrote for me. It said, "Never contact me again. I'm serious. This isn't a poem."

Watching the memorial really puts life and death into perspective. I realize now that I don't want a simple service when I die. I'm thinking I'd like my funeral to be held either at the Hollywood Bowl or Ravinia.

I'm going to go back to the wall to wall coverage now. Kobe and Magic Johnson are talking.


Butternut said...

I'll just post this joke I read recently.

Farrah Fawcett dies and goes to heaven.
God gives her one wish.
Farrah decides to make all the children of the world safe.
So God kills Michael Jackson.

Cremate me and put me in the garden, at least I'll do some good in there. Mmmmm... this Butternut squash is delicious!

Jason said...

I realize that nothing important has happened in the world since the death of Michael Jackson, but surely you are creative enough to make something up to post.

Butternut said...

Bueller? Must be busy in Lauraland, which is usually a good thing.