Thursday, August 06, 2009

"You Make Somebody a Bridesmaid and They Sh*t All Over You"

That's one of my favorite lines from "Sixteen Candles", one of the few movies I can actually quote. I think I was the last person in the office to read about the passing of John Hughes.

Very sad news. He's definitely in my pop culture pantheon of people whose work occupied a special place in my heart growing up. "Sixteen Candles", "Breakfast Club", "Weird Science", "National Lampoon's Vacation"...all classics.

He'll be missed.


"Z" said...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off has been my favorite movie for as long as I can remember. I learned a lot about John Hughes & Matthew Broderick from the commentary on the latest DvD. Thanks for the laughs John.

Butternut said...

Found this blog about J.H. John Hughes Pen Pal