Thursday, November 12, 2009

182 Lbs. Today

I'm super tired. I stepped on my old-fashioned bathroom scale today and it turns out I weigh 182 pounds, give or take a few stones. I always set it higher than what I actually weigh to motivate me. But, man, it is a pain in the ass to have to post this on my blog. I mean, I love to share my weight with others, but it's so time consuming. Fortunately, the Withings company has come out with a Twitter-enabled WiFi scale that will tweet a user's weight as often as the user deems appropriate. The scale costs almost $200 so I have to find out if they have a payment plan. I'm gonna get it, though.

How often should I update my weight? Every time I step on the scale or just every day?

I love technology!


Mr. Fantastic said...

How tall are you, Swish?

tankboy2902 said...

If you're carrying 182 pounds on that lithe frame of yours you hide it well. We're going to have to start calling you Laura Leadbottom. And, umm, give or take a few stone? That puts you anywhere from Calista Flockhart to Kirstie Alley. Actually Kirstie Alley looks fine. Anyone who comments on anyone else in this country carrying a few extra pounds just isn't with the times.

When you get that thing you should set it for 30 minute updates. That way if I see a drop of three pounds I can assume you took a big dump. That's information I would enjoy having. For things. And stuff.

Any way we can work one of those into a gift basket for Kirstie Alley? For things. And stuff.

Butternut said...

You might not know but Laura is now 6'. She got leg implants.

I want my Facebook page to receive daily updates on my weight, caloric intake, and fat percentage. I'll use Twitter for my heart rate because I want more up to date information there. These things are important to me and my friends!

gijyun said...

Wat? How do you set a scale higher than what you actually weigh? Some of us that weigh precisely 2.5 pounds more than you do are curious.

tankboy2902 said...

It's way simple, Gijyun. On a mechanical scale you loosen the tension on the balance spring, and on an electronic scale you tweak the trim pot for the strain gauge. MacGruber did it in episode 676, "Scales of Justice." It was here earlier, but I guess the NBC lawyers made them take it down. We're lucky too, or Laura might have blown herself up for the sake of vanity.

I'd handle a dog turd for Laura if she needed me to. Sometimes being a devoted fan isn't easy.