Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Right. So someone I know installed Dreamweaver on her computer thinking it would be a really fun and easy tool to use to do things like update her personal website and create other, more original websites, like gaybaby.org. Unfortunately, gaybaby.org never quite got off the ground, on account of the fact that its not-quite creator couldn't make it past page 17 of Macromedia's "Dreamweaver MX 2004." Now a lot of technophiles enjoy problem-solving, and tackling a new skill. For some, however, learning how to connect to one's remote server is an insurmountable obstacle, a personal Mount Everest that will never be conquered.

More than likely there are untold millions of people out there who would like nothing more than to share their thoughts with the world on a website of their own creation. And they're too dumb to understand "Creating Web Pages for Dumies" [sic], or any of the helpful tomes that weigh the shelves down at Barnes & Borders. How many failed gaybaby.orgs are out there that we'll never know about because they're stuck in the heads of computer illiterates? I'll tell you. Lots.

And it's truly a shame, as parents of gay babies will not have a forum created especially for them and their needs. What website can they visit to learn if their precious newborn is gay or bisexual? Where can parents turn to if they want to purchase leather diapers or leather baby chaps? I'll tell you where they can't go: The Gap.

Nevertheless, my dimwitted friend plods along, picking up a skill or two along the way, slowly, slowly making progress. Word on the street is she just started a blog. She's bound to find a way to link it to her website.


Sean said...

Don't feel so bad...page 17 has conquered many admin wanabee's. One day soon, you will master page 17, and on that day the internet will come to your front door and promptly disconnect. Murphy's Law! :)

DannyGo said...

Tell your "friend" to use Adobe's GoLive CS and your problems will be solved. I'm sure others will disagree with me but what do they know? After all, they're using Dreamweaver! ;)

dingedarmor said...

Be patient and don't allow the technogeek language get you. I know you can pull this project off. Sometimes it helps to get someone who is familiar with a program to run through it with you a few times. That's helped me out a lot.

Elon James White said...

Just came across your blog and had a flash back of when I...er...a "FRIEND" of mine first used Dreamweaver. He remembers saying "Screw this, I'll fricken use microsoft word or something" He quickly fell flat on my..um...his face and had to come crying back to Dreamweaver.

My advice for your...ahem..."Friend" is that she should throw out the manual. If I kept the manual I think I'd still be on page 24. Ask somebody who's slightly versed in it and it'll be a lot easier. Humans can guide you better than whoever the freak who writes those manuals can.

My "Friend" maybe able to help. Or at the very least get ya to connect to your "Remote Host Server" ;)

David said...

Tech skills come easily for me but when I attempt to write a blog I realize that I have little to say.

I think it's better to have an interesting and funny blog, like you, and struggle a bit with the tech.

Loved you on Unscrewed btw.

All the best,

Kelley said...

hi laura it's kelley g.
been enjoying your baggage, er...
bloggage, uh... blogging, ack...
ok, blog.

i have a friend who has a consulting businiess and gives away free server space to his friends and knows a few things and he loves to help out whomever he can. he does this 'cause he thinks tech is sorta interesting and wants to get others to feel geeky too.

anyway, my friend thinks your friend should call him so your friend will fell warm and happy once again. oh yeah, throw away that manual, not good for the creative bits of one's persona.

Mike said...

Do you really own gaybaby.org? lol... the best! Let's chat, I can help. I've done work for Leo, Cat, Morgan, Megan from your ol' place o' biz. I'd be happy to help, especially for such a good cause. Email me

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