Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hollywood Improv Show Jan. 26th

Calling all stalkers: Clear your schedules next Wednesday evening and come see a great stand-up show that I'm in. Anyone who is in Los Angeles should come. If you're not in Los Angeles, but have friends who like to laugh that live here, tell them to come. Admission is free if you RSVP.

Here's the deal. It's an industry showcase which means that there will be over 70 muckity mucks from TV and film in attendance. Industry people are notoriously quiet. The more "real" audience members there are, the better the show will be.

I hope to see you there. Come up and say hello to me if you go (after I've performed).


our annual pilot season showcase

Doug Benson Jimmy Dore Bil Dwyer
David Feldman Andy Kindler Natasha Leggero
Phil Palisoul Jimmy Pardo Mike Saccone Laura Swisher


8162 Melrose Ave., Hollywood
(just west of Crescent Heights Blvd.)

RSVP to Mara Greatorex at Omnipop: 818-980-9267


afslip said...
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afslip said...

That is great to hear that you are going to be performing next week. I'm definitely going to go, hope I'll be able to talk to you after the performance. By way I'm not a stalker, unless you can call a person being caught by police searching thru the trash of Martin Sargent just hoping to find something personal of his to frame it on my wall, stalking then maybe I'm a bit of stalker, hey no one got hurt and I didnt find anything expect some old used pron mags. Which i already had and in better condition.

Misterfitz said...

Great to see you're working. Now all we have to do is figure out a way for you to get paid. :)

rageous said...

Hm, L.A....

A little far from me. But I swear the next time you're performing in the middle of B.F.E., Indiana, I'm so there.

Dochappy said...

good to see you getting back to stand up . La is way to far to travel to see the show , it would be cool if it was televised . Good luck

The Kitola said...

Awr...if I weren't a 6-7 hour drive from L.A., starting my classes at SJSU that day, and also working on an elementary school's musical....I would SO go see your show.

By the way -- Hi! Glad to be able to read up on how things are going for you since the move.

johninsanjose said...

Laura - How are you? I wish - I could go down to LA to see your show - but I can not make it down.
I really enjoyed you on the unscrewed show - You are a talented woman. Actually, You are much more an actress and commentator than that show deserved..
You have a lot of friends out there as well as stalkers - just kidding!!
Good luck - break a leg!!
You are the best!

DreamWarrior Mizu said...

Ah... I'm sorry to say that I was unable to go. I was stuck in a drawing class that night, *trying* to draw a friend of mine. We were doing portraits, but we couldn't use photographs. >:(

Anyway, I hope it went well. Although I imagine it did. :)

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