Thursday, February 24, 2005

My Sidekick Was Hacked

All my friends' phone numbers were posted on the Internet and only one person reported being harassed, and it turns out it was her ex-boyfriend and not someone who got her number from my phone book. WTF?

Furthermore, only ONE of my text messages was posted. It's almost as if the hacker, and the general public, didn't think I was newsworthy. It's an outrage. I guess if I was an heiress, things would be different. Unfortunately, I earn my money the old-fashioned way--unemployment. I don't get handouts from daddy.

In any case, I've decided to post the other text messages saved in my phone. I'm pretty sure it'll go viral. Here goes:

Fr: CJ Should I get how 2 change a guy in 10 days or bring it on? Feb 17, 8:02 pm

Fr: Annie i tried 2 call u but it wouldn't go 2 VM. i can't make it 2nite. audition tomorrow & hmwk 4 wed. SO SORRY! Feb 21, 3:59pm

Fr: Mom Feb 21 ~ I. Feb 21, 11:23am

Fr: Mom Feb 21, 11:24am

Fr: Mom 2/?.k Feb 21, 11:25am

Fr: Mom Feb 21, 11:25am

Fr: Mom Feb 21, 11:26am did this work?

Fr: Mom Feb 21, 11:33am honey, are you there?

Fr: Mom Feb 21, 11:35am ;)

Fr: Steph R u asleep? Dec 26, 9:22pm

Fr: Lawrence Thats really frightening Dec 26, 11:58am

Fr: Joc I guess...Joc Dec 20, 7:30pm

Fr: Joc pitch black of course. but the universal jet made it all ok! Dec 20, 7:24pm

Fr: Joc I am sure he was adament [sic] that he join us next time - like raised his voice and everything! Dec 20, 7:13pm

So there you have it, my phone messages uncensored. I'll also go ahead and post the salacious photo that was on my phone. I'm sharing a bath with another female. No joke. Totally hot.

Thank you for spreading this juicy gossip to as many people as you can.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I love the little poochy, so cute!

MastaShaq said...

wow, it was even less pointless this time, woohoo people can hack cell phones, i guess some people jsut want to know pointless stuff that bad huh? oh well anyway thats a nice pup ya got!

santana said...

yea I got my phone hacked too..good thing I have no friends or everyone would see their phone numbers, text messages, pictures, and emails, yup thank God I have no friends or I would feel so bad for them...damn I feel so sad all of a sudden...

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