Monday, March 07, 2005

Interview in Draculina

I've recently been informed that the latest issue of Draculina has hit the stands. In it you'll find an interview with me. I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure it's amazing. If not amazing, I'm sure it's in English. One of the two. I'm hoping for amazing.

I am busy preparing for SXSW so I haven't been posting as much. Also, I've run out of ideas. All ideas. I had one last night and didn't write it down. So I'm idealess once again.

Ummmmmm...all for now.

Check out Draculina.


RedLobo said...

Congradulations! Can I have a free subscription to Draculina or free tickets to the SXSW show? Do you have any sugar, too?

Healer2K said...

What IS "Draculina"? I went to their website... But I mean... whats the "skinny" on it?