Thursday, April 07, 2005

Right Again, Florida

The state that purports to really really really value life has just passed the "Stand Your Ground" bill which, if signed by Jeb,will expand the law allowing people to kill in self-defense. All I can say is: It's about time.

It's bullshit to have to attempt to retreat if you fear your life is in danger. For example, if someone tries to kill me by, say, running at me in a maniacal fashion brandishing a deadly weapon, why must my first reaction be to escape the situation? Just so I can "prove to the courts" that I was, indeed, defending my life and thought it was down to his life or mine (it's almost always a him)? That makes me angry. I live in an area with a lot of homeless people, and sometimes one of them will wander onto my property. Under the old law, I probably couldn't shoot. Just because I'm not running, and am twenty feet away from a person, doesn't mean I don't know his intention is to kill me and that I'm deathly afraid.

Thank God, too, that the politicians in Florida recognize we can fear for our lives not only at home, but in public as well. Of course we should be able to use guns in public to protect our lives. It's like, DUH! I thought about this issue long and hard and could not come up with one single situation that might end disastrously with this new law. Not one. Even when we get drunk and belligerent in public, we can still tell when someone looks at us funny whether the look meant "Hey, you just spilled your beer on me," or whether it meant, "I'm going to take your life away if you don't act fast." And when we're scared for our lives, we focus better. So if I were drunk and someone tried to kill me, I would shoot him or her with close to 99.9% accuracy. It would be virtually impossible for me to miss and accidentally hit a bystander. And there's no way someone could make me angry enough to kill him intentionally, in the heat of the moment, and then lie about it after the fact. Who would do such a thing? And the odds of racially motivated killings going up are practically non-existent. After all, this is Florida, land of NASCAR and enlightenment. And besides, Floridians LOVE black people, especially Floridians in positions of power and influence. Seriously, what could possibly go wrong?

And if, in protecting my life, I shoot someone and that person doesn't die but ends up in a persistent vegetative state, I would want the state to keep him alive by whatever means necessary.

Oh, wait a second. I would want the death penalty.

Wait. I would want a fair trial first, and THEN the death penalty. And if the defense tried to make some fancy schmancy argument about its client not being able to stand trial on account of him being in a persistent vegetative state, well, I'd probably want the governor to step in somehow. I don't know on what grounds or anything, but I'd definitely want someone to step in and make the killing possible.

This law is ALMOST as good as the one that passed in Arizona allowing guns in bars and restaurants.

This is just common sense. If criminals know that we good citizens are armed, they'll think twice before doing something stupid.

It's like, "DUH!"


Jim-Bob said...

Ah yes, because we all know that drinking-induced rage raises rationale levels by 45.3%!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I'd like a side order of rage and a shotgun to go.

RedLobo said...

Look at you girl, getting all political. The purpose of the legistlative body is to make laws. No one said they had to be good laws. I love it when they give themselves raises because they have worked so hard at creating 100 more insane laws that year. God forbid they try to undo some laws that defy basic common sense. That would be against their nature of making crappy and complicated laws. In the immortal words of Kenny Rogers, "I fought the law, and the law won. It then proseeded to pull down my pants and molest me. It bent me over, and raped me over and over." And as Rappers/Artists thank god for letting them sell 5 million records about hoes, pimps, and guns, I would like to thank God for giving congress the wisdom and knowledge to make this place a better police state.

Yours soon to be in prison,

Letha_Face said...

You are absolutly right Laura. Now you just need to convince all those krayzie liberal democrats in L.A. and S.F. that.

northside777 said...

Maybe the state Congress was trying to exend the same rights that someone such as Michael Schivo was able to use to defend himself against his wife. Maybe they thought that people that live outside of a hospice might pose a threat.

One part of this law that hasn't been nationally reported is that before if you did defend yourself against a attacker and injured that attacker in someway that person could sue you. In the new law that person cannot sue if he or she is injured.

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