Monday, May 02, 2005

Meatloaf Madness

That's a horrible title. Meatloaf Madness. I haven't posted in a couple days and quickly wrote down the first thing that came to mind, based on events from last night. In actuality, making meatloaf can't really be called an event. Unless, of course, I'm the one making the meatloaf, because never in my life had I made meatloaf before. I'd heard that it was the thing to do, according to an Entertainment Weekly poll. Celebrity poker games were "out", celebrity meatloaf parties "in."

So I attempted, and failed, to make quality meatloaf. I think I used too many breadcrumbs and added too much sauce. I'll have to attempt it again. Next time I won't do acid beforehand.

I kid! No acid was involved.

Last night my dear friend Ethan had a going away party. He's headed to Iraq, not as a soldier, but as a contestant on a new reality show. Okay, he's not a contestant, but he is going as a producer on a show. They're going to follow a National Guard unit from training in the U.S. to deployment in Iraq. Ethan is used to dangerous assignments. His latest assignment was on the Discovery Channel's series The Deadliest Catch, which covers the crab fishing season in the Bering Sea. He came out relatively unscathed, though dealt with being nauseous quite a bit. I spoke with the D.P. on the shoot and he told me that seven people died in front of his lens during his stint. That may have been over more than one season. Still, that just gives you an idea of how brutal this job can be. It's a fascinating series if you haven't yet checked it out.

Anyway, I'm just bragging. I'm job-dropping, trying to impress you by associating myself with friends who have interesting jobs. So Ethan takes off this Wednesday for a couple months, and I said goodbye to him last night. That's really all I'm saying.

On Saturday I learned first-hand that Martin is alive and well. He threw a backyard bbq at his place so I got to see a bunch of folks from the show. If an outdoor gazebo is any indication, he's doing well. He literally has a new gazebo in his backyard, which is good, because you need a place to hold a vat of sangria. And he has a great grill as well.

Here's some other news: Joey the Intern's hair is out of control. It's huge. If he were in highschool, no doubt the principal would nervously keep his eye on Joey. He definitely has the look of someone who might snap at any moment. For the record, I don't actually believe he will. We've got about five years before he does anything crazy. So we're safe... until then. But he's doing well and has a few projects in the works (see his blog if interested in more vague details). I think Martin has a few projects in the works as well. It pretty much seems like everyone has things in the works. I definitely have some things in the works. Actually, I have a thing (singular) in the works. I'm not as ambitious or hard-working as others. So me, just one thing, possibly two.

Okay, this entry has gone on long enough.


Joey DiDonato said...

He's gonna snap in five years, eh? Pshhh.. don't worry, the apocalypse should have come by then.

Aaron said...

I heard that Martin is a pretty good cook and once pitched a cooking/tech show but got dissed and dismissed.

That could have been interesting, especially if the whole sidekick thing was still and idea. It could have been almost like that show "How to Boil Water" on the Food Network"...except probably more emphasis on comedy..such as Laura's meatloaf follies. The show probably wouldn't be techy enough for Tech Tv, nor crappy enough for G4.

I probably shouldn't mention G4 here..but..oh's not like it's secret or anything.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Among other reasons, many many other reasons, I once caused a roommate to hate me most righteously after inserting the word “loaf” every time Klaus Meine of the Scorpions sang “just another piece of meat.” Yeah, it was fun and I’d do it again.

patrickafir said...

My Mom is the uncontested East Coast meatloaf champion (maybe). She puts oatmeal, onions, honey, eggs, BBQ, and a load of other exotic/pedestrian ingredients in it. I've been veggie/vegan for many, many years, but it still smells really good to me if I happen by when she's making it and I don't ever remember any left on my plate as a kid. Man, it's some amazing meatloaf and she's only gotten better at it over the years.

She's even done it on acid. I kid!

Are celebrities making gourmet meatloaves? 'Cause we kind of do it budget style. Still good, though.

Last, but not least, I once was a cook in a palatial, upscale nursing home in San Francisco and we made vegetarian mushroom/nut fake meatloaf once in a while. Superb.

santana said...

Meatloaf?? I hate meatloaf, Ive eaten it once and they actually tried to serve it to me the next day, damn people. Anyway Unscrewed shouldve never gotten canceled it was a damn good show, damn peope. Martin is the man i bet he gets alot of chiks and Joey needs to cut that hair he probably gets searched at the airport.

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