Wednesday, May 04, 2005

No Need to Buckle Up, Junior

Think back on your childhood. Did your parents insist you buckle up in the car? Did they make you wear a helmet or any kind of safety device when you rode a bike or skated? Did they ever, accidentally, bump you into the path of an oncoming car? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, you may have been an ugly child.

According to a new study, ugly children aren't cared for with the same level of concern as attractive children.

From the NY Times:

When it came to buckling up, pretty and ugly children were treated in starkly different ways, with seat belt use increasing in direct proportion to attractiveness. When a woman was in charge, 4 percent of the homeliest children were strapped in compared with 13.3 percent of the most attractive children. The difference was even more acute when fathers led the shopping expedition - in those cases, none of the least attractive children were secured with seat belts, while 12.5 percent of the prettiest children were.

Homely children were also more often out of sight of their parents, and they were more often allowed to wander more than 10 feet away.

Hmmm...I guess that explains why I spent most of my youth handcuffed to the television set. I was a Q T Pie!

I love studies like this.


Aaron said...

I seriously thought you were kidding about the seat belt thing, until I clicked the link and it was there. Too funny. If there is a grain of truth to this "study" I wonder if they noticed any difference when crossing racial or cultural lines.

Butternut said...

So what does it mean when they lock you in the trunk? I'm just wondering. You know, for science and stuff.

Butternut said...
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