Sunday, May 22, 2005

Surefire Idea Needs Financing

I came up with it this morning, returning home from a coffee/paper run. Before I left, my car was parked in front of the building where I live, the perfect spot. Sometimes I hate to leave the house because I don't want to give up a good spot, and I always go through a period of mourning when I do. The worst scenario is when I'm about to give up my perfect spot (MINE!) and there's someone already waiting for it, turn signal flashing. It hurts. If I see them getting pissy that I'm going to slow for their tastes, I'll pretend to have left something inside the house and motion that I'm not really leaving, false alarm. Once they drive off, I'll leave.

Suffice it to say that parking spots are few and far between in my neighborhood. So today, as I'm driving a slow 20 miles an hour up my street, infuriating those behind me , I came up a great idea. If I had my own personal fire hydrant, I'd never have to look for a spot again.

The fire hydrant would have to be made from a heavy rubber so that it wouldn't move. Before you abandoned your parking space, you'd simply pull the fire hydrant out of the trunk and place it next to the curb. And you'd return it to your trunk when you came back.

Brilliant, right? So who's willing to invest in this? I figure I just need $10,000 in start up funds and we're good to go.


Butternut said...

Parking in Hollywood blows goats. Santa Monica was bad enough. I'm glad I'm back in the Valley.

A can of red Krylon on the curb might help too. Of course, you'd need to paint over it when you re-park. So pack a can of grey too.

Maybe you just need a sign like "Swisher Parking" with your own color. Handicap is blue, loading is yellow, red is taken... green maybe?

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