Saturday, June 04, 2005

Don't Befriend Filmmakers

Seriously. They suck you into their filmmaker vortex and before you know it, you agree to help them with their "labor of love".

Tomorrow morning my alarm clock is going to go off at 5am. I am supposed to be "on set" by 6am.

Am I starring in this film? No. Do I have a lot of lines? No. I'm part of an angry mob of women.

I now have to go to bed.

In conclusion, stay away from filmmakers. Or, at the very least, if they ask an innocuous-seeming question like, "Hey, what are you doing next weekend?", lie. Say your busy. It's a loaded question. They're trying to manipulate you into helping on their film.

Again, going to bed.


Pall Mall said...

Think of it this way, it is one more credit for your bio.

Blur said...

It is more of a flushing sound than a sucking vortex. The sound of an entire day being lost to standing around. Plus in the small films your lucky if there is coffee provided.

But in the end you are drawn to their passion for their project, not the project itself. You find yourself getting up at 5a and driving to the worst part of town to film. It is nice to be a part of something important (at least to someone).

Yogifish said...

Agree to do the nude scene...before it's biologicaly too late. :)

Manny F said...

Agreed Yogi.
So............why is your mob so angry?

Butternut said...

Yogi, I'll sign that petition.

Even worse is film school students. I helped a number of them out in my college days. They tend to hang around Vasquez Rocks, site of many sci-fi films.