Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Finally...a Place Where Women Can Be Naked

As a woman, I love vacationing in the nude. Love it. The reason I don't do it very often is, I think, fairly obvious: men are typically squeamish at the sight of a woman's naked or scantily-clad body. You see it all the time out here in Southern California, land of models and actresses. Men yell such hateful things to models as, "Put an oversized shirt on!" or "There are kids around!"

Fortunately, ladies, there's one country where we're welcomed. Italy. A recent poll determined that Italians aren't bothered by nudity on public beaches, and that 70% of Italians would sunbathe nude if others did as well.

And then there's this shocking revelation:
Women were more frequently bothered by nude sunbathing than men. Just over 40 percent of women said they did not like seeing other naked females on the beach, while just 5 percent of men shared their opinion about nude women.

Only FIVE percent of men would be bothered by seeing naked females on the beach. Wow. I had no idea Italian men were so open-minded and accepting of women. It almost brings tears to my eyes.

The only other country I can think of that even comes close to Italy in this regard is South Korea. They are not only tolerant of women in bikinis, they encourage it!

And here I thought I lived in the land of the free.


Butternut said...

Boobies, set them free! I'll march for that.

Saw boobies on the beach in Australia when I was a teenager. Woot!

America is waaaay too uptight in general. However, I really don't need to see naked dudes or extra large women on the beach. Or anywhere else for that matter. Save the whales... yeah, you know.

Man I gotta work out. Wedding season and all.

So... where do you go on vacation, Laura?

santana said...

I agree America is uptight. I dont think dudes care about getting naked, females may be more self conscious about that. I really dont care I'll get naked if theres a reason.

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Jason said...

Hi Laura,
I found you on the web. How cool to discover you again. Sounds like you're famous. Nice job!
Give me a shout if you remember me.
Jason (from AZ to Seattle)