Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Q: What Does Your Grandma Do?

A: Your dad.

This conversation may be take place for another year or so, until a 63 year old grandmother in Berlin decides to hang up her red mini skirt and retire.

Tired of high water bills? The best way to get out of having to pay extremely high water bills is to use extraordinary amounts of water, unbelievable amounts of water. A woman in Illinois got a $74,000 water bill. The city claims she used 10 million gallons of water in the month. I'm pretty sure she won't be held liable for the entire bill. That's why it makes perfect sense to use over 10 million gallons of water at home if you suspect you'll receive a high bill in the mail. It's called being proactive.

Just read that AMC Theaters may not screen The Aristocrats, which is a shame because it's a helluva movie. Check out the trailer.

I'm about to run out the door. Have no original thoughts today. My brain has abandoned me.


Algernon said...

What I have learn about that Working Grandma, she was only charging about $46US for her Services...

Such a Deal!...

I cannot believe AMC going to do that to The Aristocrats...


Butternut said...

Maybe they are banning that movie because Carrot Top is in it. Just a thought.

Some of my faves are there:
Larry Miller - skiing sketch
George Carlin - hall of famer
Kevin Pollack - impressions+
Gilbert Gottfried - special delivery
Eddie Izzard - You do know there are other countries?

Of course it doesn't have Laura in it... oh well.

Aaron said...

when you mentioned Aristocats, I seriously was thinking of the Disney movie. As if they made a live action remake ...then I read that link and remembered. The dirtiest joke ever told. I haven't heard the thing in it's entirety, but I heard excepts and other things he's said to comedian friends. All I can say is...he better hope either hell doesn't exist, or that if it does..that you aren't graded on things you thought of or have said.

Aaron said...

..while we're on the subject of comics....I'd like to recommend a book called Why I Hate Saturn, by Kyle Baker. It's a graphic novel..like none other. Filled with many humorous everyday observations, and interesting characters.

running_half_free said...

Wow, i never knew that prostetution was legal anywhere. What kind of husband allows that?

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