Thursday, July 07, 2005

Scratch the Olympic Bit

Weezy and I are going to be recording our podcast today as I'm leaving town again this weekend. I'd planned on doing a bit about how London was chosen to host the Olympics over Paris, Madrid, Moscow and other cities. I'd even downloaded the Olympic theme music. Then I turned my computer on this morning and read the headlines. So I probably won't be talking about that.

I'll be honest; I'm not so good when it comes to discussing events that touch people emotionally, viscerally. I'm much better when I can skewer or make fun of something, keep it light.

So rather than write about the horror committed today myself, I've linked to some bloggers from the UK. What a wonderful world we live in.

My Pet Jawa

Andrew Sullivan


London blogger


73 bus



Bob said...

Thanks for the link and greetings from London. All's mysteriously well here. Oprah should've killed Tom. I wish I could go to Big Bear ... grew up not too far from there. And if there is a rock 'n roll Ralph's, does that mean there's a jazzy Von's (as in Sarah?). Does Von's still exist in CA? stay well, b.

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