Friday, July 08, 2005

Laura Swisher: Def Poet

Last night I discovered my next calling: Def Poet. I was roaming Barnes & Noble with Guy (lawyer Geek) and Dustin (English lit Geek) and Guy picked up a paperback of Def Poetry Jam poems. The idea was to read random poems with the same cadence and passion exhibited on the HBO show.

Well, that was too easy. I found I'm a natural. The next challenge was to grab random books outside the poetry section and attempt to make the words seem weighty and political. My discovery? Again, I'm a natural. I was able to read a recipe from a Santa Fe cookbook and make it sound like Lanston Hughes.

Doubt me if you must, but come next podcast I shall demonstrate my unique ability. If there's anything you want to hear Def Jaminated, let me know--perhaps I'll treat you to a reading.

Oh, I also bought season two of Dave Chapelle. Turns out I paid too much for it. Barnes & Noble not so great with DVD prices. Oh well.


Sean said...

I would like to hear you Def Jaminate "Duke Hwan and the Wheelwright"

It's a bit long but you do have an hour show. :)

VagabondLoafer said...

Hey Laura. How about John Brown’s Body by Stephen Vincent BenĂ©t? Er, maybe an excerpt. At over 360 pages this poem’s kinda bookish.

Butternut said...

I was thinking Charles Bukowski.

I really like this short poem of his:

Then I noticed he wrote a poem about the 8088 Intel processor... bizarre.

Laura "The Jaminator" Swisher... hmm... we'll work on it.

Ever notice how e.e. cummings work just looks like l33t?

Vert said...

I don't Mos Def but he seems like a cool person to meet. -laughs- Open Mic
night at normal places should be easy for you.