Friday, August 19, 2005

Hitler's Sister

The BBC discovered long lost footage of an interview with Hitler's Sister and will air it sometime in the near future. Her name was Paula Wolf and she died in 1960 at the age of 64.

According to the BBC article, they will air this documentary in November, highlights of which include interviews with former co-workers and associates. One interview, in particular, is fascinating.

In 1908, when Hitler was nineteen years old, he moved to Vienna to try and become a great artist. To make ends meet, he temped at a local accounting office, working under one of the firm's partners, Franz Koffenberger. Said Franz, "Hitler spent more time decorating his cubicle than he did actual work. But we kept him around because he made a mean cup of coffee, and would always run out to get us streudel if we asked him."

A fellow temp, Ludwig Hildebrandt, recalled, "Hitler was a dick. We all called him Shitler behind his back. And what was with his mustache?"

Ludwig died under mysterious circumstances shortly after his interview.

His sister describes elaborately-planned spitball attacks waged against her by Hitler and other boys from the neighborhood. It's here that Hitler came up with the idea of "Blitzkrieg", or lightning war. He would later launch the spitball attack against Poland, only using real ammunition in place of paper.

This documentary seems fascinating. I hope they air it in the U.S.


Butternut said...

I hope my sister speaks fondly of me after I take over France. Oui oui!

Get any hate mail yet? I can't bring myself to write you any. OK, I can't be bothered to much more than post when the mood strikes me. Somehow I know I will find sympathy with Laura when it comes to the lazy.

And speaking of Swisher-brand products, I was in the land of Swisher last night at a bar. Looks like Swisher Co. makes a helluva lot more than urinal cakes. (Mmm.. cake). I was surrounded by Swisher products! Paper towel dispensers, ass gasket dispensers, little deodorizing automatic spraying jobbies, Swisher was everywhere! OK, it's a little unflattering, but I thought it was cool. I find beauty in strange places. If I was drunk, I probably wouldn't have noticed at all. They do have a good "S" logo though.

I need cake now, damn.

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