Friday, September 16, 2005

Been Crying All Day

First Renee and now Tori!!!

It's really difficult having to cope with celebrity splits when they're back to back. From now on, celebs in troubled relationships should do us a favor and coordinate break-up announcements so that we can properly mourn them without being overwhelmed with grief.

If Kevin and Britney split, I'm seriously going to lose it.


Tim said...
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Tim said...

Renee and Kenny live a few miles from where I live; my buddy Chris mows their lawn, rakes their leaves etc. He'll be crushed I imagine. Oh please, anyone could see in their made famous wedding photo that they were leaning away from each other like two people who had just met. Know why? because they had just met.

O'course this just means that if I bump into her someplace (another friend cooked her an omlet at a diner in Putnam (holy cow I virtually know this woman!)) I have a better shot at having her at hello.

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Butternut said...

If you hear that Jules Asner and Steven Soderbergh break up just remember I had nothing to do with it.

Oh, and Brad Pitt is a freakin idiot!

Clinton Freeman said...

What makes me want to cry is the lengths the administration is willing to go through to take the heat off of Bush and how little it takes to distract the media.
If his poll numbers keep slipping, no celebrity marriage will be safe from Karl Rove.

Aaron said...

If Patrick and Sarah Norton split, I'll hang myself.

Antonio Gramsci said...

I have built my entire life around Ellen and Portia.

Vert said...

I didn't even know she was married. go figure. well, they're officially batting .500 now.