Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Henry Rollins Likes Tejava

When one lives in Hollywood, as I do, one is privy to secrets that people in the rest of the country aren't. I normally respect a celebrity's privacy, but when someone uses their fame to bully others, he or she is fair game.

So it is in the case of rocker/poet/actor Henry Rollins. Who did I spy at Trader Joe's in the 10-items-or-less line with no less than 12 items?! Made me sick. So let it be known: Henry Rollins drinks lots of Tejava . He also wipes his behind with environmentally-safe, recyclable toilet paper and enjoys the occasional glass of Rice Dream.

If any celebrities happen to be reading this right now, let this be a warning. I'm watching you!


Tim said...

Tight now Henry is blogging about being stalked by that girl from the computer channel. In prose, of course.

"Computer channel girl - you've found me again - a six pack is one item!"

Aaron said...

Henry Rollins is gay. I don't mean that as a loose insult...I truly think he's gay.

just kidding.

becuz I'm LIAR..a !@#$in' liar!

what other songs has he come out with?

oh yeah. what the hell is Tejava?

Butternut said...

Henry rocks. I'd let him in line in front of my with 13 items!

Rollins Band was the first concert I ever went to in 198- *cough cough*. Even Dennis Miller likes him, although Dennis has been turning a bit funny lately so maybe that's not as much of a compliment as it once was.

Heck he's even doing movie reviews on IFC now. He's such a good actor. In Henry's words "HA!".

Vert said...

Tejava is spanish for cow urine. Speaking of Tejava some rich dork is going to sue them for using the pi symbol.

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